ppppttt nighty

and now knowing neo’s height makes it better for my part



cokkie and cream so love it

I should be in bed but I found neo/ruby„„„„„,


Sometimes I look at the scene with Ruby giving Jaune a pep talk, reaching out to Weiss, trying to explain things to Weiss for Blake, or telling Penny she’s real and worth helping

And I just think, Ruby’s always been like this- how many times did she do stuff like that for Yang?

In how many little ways was baby sister there to give her big sis a boost?

When Yang first found her semblance was she ever worried because it’s all about fire destruction and beating others down

Did Ruby curl up with her and say she’s got it wrong?

Did she say the semblance just shows Yang’s warm heart, how she always wants to be strong enough to stand up against bad guys who hurt people, like a hero from a story book…

Was that something Yang needed, to look over and see how much Ruby is proud of her, and stop caring what anyone else might think?

Maybe she’d be scared to burn if she didn’t have little sis’s backing

Maybe Yang is strong not just so she can protect Ruby, but because Ruby herself helps Yang be strong


some doodles of persef to get me back in the swing of things. he is a baby


It’s here. What the heck.

RWBY AMV - Centuries by Fall Out Boy

The hype is real.


Photos and final product for Mq. & Mrs.’s amazing lgbtq coloring book for kids.

Model : Alicia Michele





*bully pushes you*

*you push bully back*

bully: wtf you piece of shit, that’s reverse bullying

one time my bullies got punished for bullying me and one of them was like “this is your fault”